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Sandwich Mesh will become a "long rattan green" it?

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Sandwich Mesh will become a "long rattan green" it?

Date:2017-02-07 Author: Click:

Sandwich Mesh will become a "long rattan green" it?

See a report that the textile industry is bound to become the gift market, "Chang Tengqing." This is well documented. With the continuous development of social economy, people's living standards are constantly improving. Home textile products replacement cycle shortened, making the textile products continued strong. Regardless of the Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen gift exhibition, more and more textile enterprises broke through the traditional home textile exhibition thinking, and gift exhibition established a close communication and cooperation model.

In addition, home textiles and building materials, home, wedding and other industries bundled as an effective way. Sandwich mesh in the textile industry has been unable to shake the status of mattresses, pillows, cushions and other products have also entered the various households.

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