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3D mesh manufacturers: Long claw cloth for your more care

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3D mesh manufacturers: Long claw cloth for your more care

Date:2017-02-09 Author: Click:

3D mesh: claw claw more care for you

Now a popular foot pad at the end of cloth because the effect is good, has been recognized by everyone, that is, dragon claws non-slip cloth, also known as burr anti-slip cloth, eagle claw non-slip cloth.

Its characteristics are as follows:

?3D mesh

1, to enhance the safety of driving: needle-like pawl in the bottom of the car mat, and the car's bottom of the flannel close bite, the formation of a strong friction, firmly grasp the car flannel, the car mats will not go Bit, thus eliminating the security risks.

2, omnidirectional anti-skid, do not walk: "gecko claw" needle-like pawl more tilted, unlike other adhesive materials as "one-sided", paw in the direction of the adhesion is balanced, so its The direction of the anti-slip effect of the same.

3, the product lightweight: This product is designed for mesh, per square meter weight is only about 160 grams, better than the current TPR, including the end of a variety of non-slip materials, so that your company's products more light.

4, easy to disassemble, not hurt car decoration: "gecko claw" save the car mat to install the safety of the trouble, without any attachment tools and installation steps, just take the foot pad to the car a shop on it, and The more step on the more solid. Its pawl is "needle-like", rather than "hook", the foot pad will not let the interior trim blanket hook hair fluff.

5, environmental non-toxic: This product uses environmentally friendly raw materials, non-toxic and tasteless, do not add any chemical adhesives, has been the international environmental certification.

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