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Choose a non-slip effect of a particularly good car mat to ensure you more secure

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Choose a non-slip effect of a particularly good car mat to ensure you more secure

Date:2017-02-07 Author: Click:

The pad of this thing greatly affects driving safety. But there are many owners do not mind Italy. The choice of foot pad, in addition to fashion, comfortable at the same time, the most important thing is anti-skid function.

Sandwich mesh

After the rounded Siamese design, the appearance of the buckle design and no anti-skid effect of the foot pad to bring the machine, after a short period of time quickly attributed to silence. When the same industry have to focus on the car mat surface design, Hengshui Anchi car decoration supplies Trade Co., Ltd. another way, will focus on the car mat on the base fabric. More than a dozen scientific and technological personnel after two years of careful exploration, research and development of the eagle claw car mat anti-skid base cloth, available since the car decoration products manufacturers and owners of the highly praised. Eagle claw has also become a registered trademark of this product.

Ordinary car mat at the bottom of the general flat, under the tread is likely to cause sliding. When the car encounters an unexpected situation at high speed, the result can be imagined if the braking effect is affected by the movement of the car mat. Even if some car mats at the bottom to add a "slip nails", but this kind of hardware nails do not have good grip, in the course of the use may also cause displacement. Sandwich mesh

Changshu City Huahong Weaving Co., Ltd. production of the strong stretch of the mats non-slip cloth to win the pad manufacturers praise, is the first production of elastic mats non-slip cloth manufacturers. Buy a non-slip mattress is better for each car driver's wish, because the foot pad is your seat belts!

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