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  • The Application of Sandwich Mesh in Toys

    Sandwich mesh soft and flexible, environmentally friendly non-toxic, not hair loss, recycling and other advantages by the impact of many consumers of toys, sandwich cloth toys exports soared in the past two years.Modeling realistic and lovely, soft touch, not afraid of extrusion, easy to clean, decorative and strong, high security, for a wide range of characteristics. So sandwich tennis toys for c...
    release time:2017-02-09???clicks:71

  • 3D mesh manufacturers: Long claw cloth for your more care

    3D mesh: claw claw more care for youNow a popular foot pad at the end of cloth because the effect is good, has been recognized by everyone, that is, dragon claws non-slip cloth, also known as burr anti-slip cloth, eagle claw non-slip cloth.Its characteristics are as follows:1, to enhance the safety of driving: needle-like pawl in the bottom of the car mat, and the car's bottom of the flannel c...
    release time:2017-02-09???clicks:67

  • Sandwich Mesh will become a "long rattan green" it?

    Sandwich Mesh will become a "long rattan green" it?See a report that the textile industry is bound to become the gift market, "Chang Tengqing." This is well documented. With the continuous development of social economy, people's living standards are constantly improving. Home textile products replacement cycle shortened, making the textile products continued strong. Regardl...
    release time:2017-02-07???clicks:50

  • Choose a non-slip effect of a particularly good car mat to ensure you more secure

    The pad of this thing greatly affects driving safety. But there are many owners do not mind Italy. The choice of foot pad, in addition to fashion, comfortable at the same time, the most important thing is anti-skid function.After the rounded Siamese design, the appearance of the buckle design and no anti-skid effect of the foot pad to bring the machine, after a short period of time quickly attribu...
    release time:2017-02-07???clicks:59

  • Cleaning supplies to sandwich screens

    Cleaning supplies selection materials also turned to sandwich cloth, sandwich fabric fabric sales like this year, hot scenes is a few years gone. Clothing, home textiles, cushion, bags, toys, medical equipment, shoes and so on in the selection of sandwich mesh.What are the advantages of sandwich mesh worthy of everyone so trust it? High elasticity, moisture, breathable, antibacterial and mildew. W...
    release time:2017-02-06???clicks:67

  • Sandwich mesh cloth

    1 Introduction:A sandwich fabric is a synthetic fabric made of warp knitting machine.Sandwich styleSandwich fabric from the upper, middle and lower three sides. The surface is usually a mesh design. The middle layer is the MOLO yarn that connects the surface and the bottom surface. The bottom surface is usually a plain weave plane called "sandwich". Under the fabric layer of dense networ...
    release time:2017-02-06???clicks:72

  • What is the sandwich mesh with a hat?

    Sandwich mesh use is relatively wide, I believe we all know. Today saw a two-color sandwich mesh made of hats and share with you.Two-color honeycomb sandwich mesh, looks generous fashion. The advantage is: environmental protection, breathable, elastic. Hotline: 0512-52263268
    release time:2016-08-04???clicks:53

  • Air layer fabric to the development of yarn-dyed

    Air layer fabric sales more and more prosperous, experts believe that the sales of the past two years will not decline, will only increase. Because mainly for clothing, its feel smooth, breathable, crisp style, attracting more and more consumers, both at home and abroad are more popular, is the best sales of this year's fabric. Now the air layer of fabric printing, yarn dyed, dyeing, embossing...
    release time:2016-08-04???clicks:55

  • Air layer fabric sales more and more prosperous, experts believe that the sales of the past two year...

    Sandwich mesh raw materials, post-processing is not the same as the finished product prices are not the same. There are a few customers asked me how your price than other people's home a few dollars a kilogram ah? Do you have to deny the price cheaper than us, but the quality, color fastness, environmental protection, etc. can pass? "Maybe some customers to try, but the And finally in coo...
    release time:2016-08-02???clicks:55

  • Thickened sandwich mesh is generally used in what products

    Now people pay attention to environmental protection, simple, comfortable and so on. In life, the demand for thickened sandwich mesh (3D mesh) is growing. Fast-paced life pressure is relatively large, after work want to have a comfortable home environment, sleep at night can be stable. Thicker sandwiches made of mattresses can make you soon into sleep.3D mattress leads the new idea of scientific h...
    release time:2016-08-02???clicks:52

  • How many varieties of sandwich mesh shoes?

    Shoes Sandwich Mesh has developed hundreds of species, round hole, long hole, hexagonal, large hole, diamond-shaped, large hole, which is the most popular this year, spider web. Spider webs are unique in style, with better air permeability than other fabrics
    release time:2016-07-30???clicks:12

  • This years most popular sandwich mesh

    What is the most popular sandwich mesh this year? The industry is considered to be 4D sandwich mesh, wide sandwich mesh, two-color sandwich mesh, these are used in the mattress. This year's textile orders are more, but also busy with the production of sandwich mesh manufacturers.Wide sandwich mesh clothSpecifications: Conventional productsMaterial: 100% polyesterWidth: 200-230CMThickness: 2-3M...
    release time:2016-07-30???clicks:17

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